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Aside from the production of elastomer coated fabrics and continuous rubber sheets without reinforcing fabrics in the best possible quality according to customer specifications, two other aspects in our daily work process are especially important:

The planning and execution of health and work safety measures for our employees, and assuring the safe operation of our machines and systems. The protection of our environment and the responsible use of all resources.

we go eco

In these areas the applicable environmental protection regulations and approval requirements are fully satisfied.

We maintain constant communication with the responsible authorities, ministries and municipalities and the community as a whole on the subjects of environmental issues and the effects of our production which are relevant to safety.


Environmental aspects which we pay special attention to:

Energy: Energy savings are achieved through new investments in modern machinery and continuous optimization of operational processes

Our internal process optimization system Kaizen is used to provide training and other measures concerning the economical use of energy in all areas of company operations (standby)

Waste: Re-use of packaging materials

Increased use of re-usable packaging

Constant optimization of work procedures to reduce the amount of waste produced

(exhaust, noise)
Purification of process exhaust using regenerative thermal oxidation unit, by which the newly captured heat of production is re-introduced at the same time
Raw materials: In our formulas we only use chemicals that conform to REACH, to reduce possible hazards to the users of our articles