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1927 Entrepreneur Gustav Schwarzwald founds the plant in Ortrand
1972-1974 Company restructuring, construction of two new production halls and an administrative building

Installation of state-of-the-art coating, calendering and curing machinery

400 employees are occupied in producing rubberized fabrics, rolled rubber goods and ready-made products

1989-1995 After the changes in the political landscape several attempts were made at privatization, which unfortunately all failed, so production was shut down
1996 3 partners (Mr. Schulz, Mr. Clemens and Mr. Lange) take over the rubber plant Ortrand

Re-start of the company PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH

Start of production with 6 employees

Concentration on production of rubberized fabrics, rolled goods and cabriolet cover materials

Dezember 2006 The company Hübner GmbH in Kassel takes over the company shares of the former PTO partners
2012 Mrs. Schmaler is appointed by the company Hübner in Kassel to the position of Managing Director, together with Mr. Ossendorff

Active production with a permanent staff of around 110 employees

Decision to expand the Ortrand site, with the largest investment in the history of PTO.


Luftbild aktuell

actual aerial photo

Luftbild 1950

aerial photo 1950

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