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From high quality base products we produce the following and more for many kinds of applications:

  • Hoses, seals, and diaphragms for car and industrial applications
  • Weaving beam coverings for the textile industry
  • Bellows materials for machine coverings and system transitions in buses, trains and aircraft passenger boarding bridges
  • Aprons for the food and technical industries
  • Zippers for diving suits
  • Gas holder diaphragms for biogas plants
  • Tarpaulin materials in various thicknesses
  • Safety materials
  • Covering materials
  • Conveyer belts

Some of the materials we use for this:

  • All common types of fabric such as polyamide, polyester, cotton, aramid, Nomex and glass fibres, cord made of PA, PES, aramid or EP, polyacrylic, felt or non-woven material
  • Elastomers: NR, SBR, CR, CSM, NBR, but also FKM, ECO, HNBR, XNBR, fluorinated rubber, butyl rubber, and becoming increasingly relevant: silicone rubber

Technologies used:

  • Soaking, mixtures
  • Air and roller knife as possible spread coating methods
  • Calendering
  • Curing in autoclave and on AUMA rotating curing machines, as well as hot air-curing