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PTO - Precision in silicone

Are you interested in this special, high performance product?

We will be happy to advise you and discuss with you how to develop your individual product.


Silicones can be used in temperatures ranging from -60 to +200 °C. With special silicone, even temperatures of >200 °C are possible, for example with fluorosilicone.

Properties of silicones:

  • High thermal resistance, very good chemical resistance, high weather, ozone and ageing resistance
  • A wide variety of colours are possible – from snow white to pitch black
  • Configurations possible for a wide range of fire demands

Our research and development focus:

  • Processing of liquid and solid silicones
  • Possible configurations for FDA/BfR use (food conformity)
  • Our own silicone mixtures with manufacture of sample quantities
  • Manufacture of technical centre samples
  • Post-curing of silicone coated fabrics

Application examples/areas:

Bellows, turbo charger hoses, conveyer belts for the food industry, seals for medical applications, the aircraft industry, electronics, and more.